Here at PSS Business Services we recognise that for some industries, employing staff under a PAYE scheme would not be the most suitable solution.  For companies that use a large number of sole traders, PSS Business Services are able to offer a comprehensive service.

At PSS Business Services, we take away the time required for processing, checking and paying multiple sole trader invoices. This gives you the peace of mind that not only are they compliant with HMRC regulations - but also your work force will always be paid accurately and on time.

PSS Business Services not only look after the needs of the companies we support, each individual sole trader is important to us. As agents for HMRC our accountants are able to raise their invoices, process their expenses and complete their annual sole trader tax return.

This service ensures that both the sole trader and the companies that they supply services to are fully legally compliant and tax efficient.
Contract Payment Management
    •  HMRC compliant on employment status
HMRC registered agents with over 10 years experience
Mobile app & website designed around your needs
•  Save time and money paying contract payments
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